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SAGlobal Projects+ for the Service Industries

A key element of Microsoft’s industry strategy for Dynamics AX is the ability for industry-focused partners like SAGlobal to extend the native Dynamics AX features to deliver additional out-of-the-box functionality, and to create automated deployments based on pre-developed industry best practice templates. Having worked with Microsoft Dynamics AX exclusively in the Service Industries since 2008, we’ve made significant investments in our Projects+ solution to drive unmatched value to our clients.

More Value for Your Microsoft Dynamics AX Implementation

When you choose SAGlobal and our Projects+ solution for your Dynamics AX implementation, you gain access to a series of advanced capabilities in Dynamics AX that no other provider can offer. This includes dozens of enhancements such as:

  • A role-based resourcing paradigm for forecasting and scheduling resources at the role level
  • Enhanced dimension handling for configuring rules for how revenue flows to different practices, lines of business, and other organizational dimensions
  • Additional services pricing scenarios, including multiplier-based pricing
  • Qualification management for tracking a library of detailed information about your projects
  • Additional tools for tracking and pursuing missing timesheets
  • PTO handling for requesting and approving paid time off
  • Improved tools for interacting with subcontractors
  • Advanced invoice presentation for configuring variable invoice formats via parameter-driven client invoice templates
  • Automated generation of invoice backup documentation such as timesheet and expense reports, expense receipts and pass-through invoices
  • Configurable setup of complex utilization rules and calculations
  • Simplified setup of key workflows such as time and expense approvals
  • Industry-specific BI metrics and dimensions through our Projects+ BI solution for advanced reporting and analytics
  • Streamlined deployment through our Projects+ EXPRESS methodology for provisioning a pre-configured, industry-specific version of Dynamics AX
  • Much, much more!

Solution Overview

SAGlobal Projects+ Industry Solution
SAGlobal Projects+ Industry Solution
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  • Projects+ BI Business Intelligence

    Capturing information about key business processes and transactions in your ERP system is critical to effectively managing your projects and resources and interacting with your clients. But having the ability to easily consume this information to help support key business decisions is a different story.

    To address these challenges, SAGlobal developed Projects+ BI for Microsoft Dynamics AX, an industry-specific self-service business intelligence and reporting platform that provides out-of-the-box metrics, views, and reports designed specifically to help services based firms make informed decisions across their business.

  • Projects+ EXPRESS

    ERP software implementations have traditionally been long, complex and costly endeavors with mixed results when it comes to achieving a return on your ERP investment (ROI). While Microsoft Dynamics AX has achieved greater success rates than many other ERP platforms due to its familiar Microsoft style user interface and its use of industry-standard Microsoft platform technologies under the hood, ERP consultancies like SAGlobal continue to develop new tools and methods to help their clients reduce costs, accelerate deployment timelines, and improve the likelihood of a successful implementation.

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