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Microsoft Dynamics AX Benefits

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX can help your organization improve profitability and gain a competitive advantage. Some of the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics AX by role include:

    • Benefits for Executives
      • Monitor your firm’s performance at any level
      • Maximize profitability by improving project delivery success
      • Drive revenue growth
      • Optimize your firm’s assets
    • Benefits for Finance & Accounting
      • Enhance visibility across your business
      • Improve financial controls
      • Accelerate cash flow and reduce DSO
      • Increase forecasting accuracy
      • Achieve corporate compliance
    • Benefits for Project Management
      • Streamline project setup processes
      • Improve resource scheduling
      • Oversee project time, expenses, and invoices
      • Manage project budgets
      • Enable project team collaboration
    • Benefits for Sales & Marketing
      • Gain insight into clients and prospects
      • Improve visibility of revenue opportunities
      • Increase project quoting accuracy
      • Automate marketing campaigns
    • Benefits for IT & Systems
      • Eliminate disparate IT systems
      • Leverage your existing technology investments
      • Take control of your systems
      • Simplify IT management
  • Monitor Performance, Drive Revenue Growth , Maximize Profitability

    As an executive, you are concerned with the “big picture”, but you also want access to the details when you need them. Executives in today’s business climate need real-time tools for quickly analyzing how the business is performing, allowing them to make informed business decisions and quickly react to new business opportunities.

    Our Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP Solution Can Help Executives:

    • Monitor their firm’s performance at any level and make informed business decisions by improving visibility across their organization and use personalized dashboards to monitor key performance metrics.
    • Maximize profitability by improving project delivery success, increasing billable utilization, and streamlining project accounting processes to reduce operating costs.
    • Drive revenue growth by actively tracking project opportunities and improving client relationship management practices.
    • Optimize their firm’s assets by accelerating cash flow, improving resourcing processes, and enhancing collaboration and management of their firm’s intellectual property.
  • Automate Project Accounting Processes, Manage Compliance

    As a Finance & Accounting professional, your role is to maximize your firm’s financial resources to ensure that your firm can meet its business objectives. As a result, you need to streamline project accounting processes and maximize visibility over your firm’s financial assets and performance.

    Our Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP Solution Can Help Finance and Accounting Personnel:

    • Enhance visibility across their business by integrating all of their financial, project, client, and resourcing processes within a single system.
    • Improve financial controls by easily managing multi-company and multi-practice organizations and gaining real-time access to project cost and revenue information.
    • Accelerate cash flow and reduce DSO by quickly capturing and approving project time and expenses and automating billing and collections processes.
    • Increase forecasting accuracy by using flexible accounting, budgeting, and forecasting tools.
    • Achieve corporate compliance by building in internal controls, using workflow automation to control business processes, and maintaining all corporate compliance information in a single, easy-to-use repository.

  • Streamline Project Setup, Improve Resource Schedule, Compliance

    As a Project Manager, your role is to effectively manage your project teams, and to complete your projects on time and within your client’s budget. As a result, you need to monitor project budgets, coordinate resources, communicate with clients, and accurately anticipate issues that may impact project delivery.

    Our Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP Solution Can Help Project Managers

    • Streamline project setup processes by using pre-built templates, copying previous projects, or uploading a Work Breakdown Structure from Microsoft Project.
    • Improve resource scheduling by improving visibility of utilization and capacity levels and letting your system make intelligent resourcing recommendations.
    • Oversee project time, expenses, and invoices using automated workflows for routing and approvals.
    • Manage project budgets by quickly analyzing budget-to-actual performance and tracking key project deliverables.
    • Enable project team collaboration by leveraging Microsoft SharePoint to share project documentation and deliverables, maintain visibility of project issues and risks, and communicate with other team members.
    • Improve visibility of project performance through the use of real-time reporting and BI tools.

  • Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Campaign Management, Quote Management

    As a Business Development professional, you are tasked with helping your firm drive revenue, capture new business opportunities, and manage clients to ensure maximum satisfaction levels. As a result, it’s critical that you have a 360-degree view of your clients and prospects, helping you to manage upcoming interactions, track on-going project activities, and oversee new business opportunities.

    Our Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP Solution Can Help Sales & Marketing Professionals

    • Gain insight into clients and prospects with an integrated Customer Relationship Management system that provides a 360-degree view of all client interactions and communications.
    • Improve visibility of revenue opportunities by tracking new project opportunities for new and existing clients, and by generating sales forecasting and pipeline reports.
    • Increase project quoting accuracy by building project quotations that use accurate data around resources, costs and prices, and can enforce margin controls.
    • Automate marketing campaigns by utilizing detailed client and prospect data to build target marketing lists, execute campaigns, track leads, and evaluate campaign ROI.

  • Eliminate Disparate Systems, Works with Existing MS Technology

    As an IT professional, your role is to ensure that your information systems adequately support your overall business strategy. To do so, it’s critical that you drive down the complexity of your IT operations, proactively undertake initiatives to support your business, and quickly respond to IT requests.

    Our Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP Solution Can Help IT Professionals

    • Eliminate disparate IT systems that result in “islands of data” and inefficient business processes by implementing a single, integrated business management platform.
    • Leverage their existing technology investments by implementing a Microsoft solution that works with their existing Microsoft technologies like Microsoft Office, SQL Server, Exchange, and SharePoint.
    • Take control of their systems by gaining the ability to easily write reports, build integrations, and customize their system to adapt to changing business conditions.
    • Simplify IT management by implementing familiar industry-standard Microsoft technologies like Windows Server, SQL Server, and SharePoint that the IT team already knows how to manage.


Microsoft Dynamics AX Overview, Features & Deployment Models

  • Services-driven organizations face unique challenges not encountered in other industries. Having intelligent tools that help you manage critical financial resources, effectively sell and deliver project-based services, manage valuable human capital, and quickly react to changing client needs can be the difference between success and failure.
    For services firms that require an adaptable and easy-to-use business system that was purpose-built for their industry, SAGlobal offers the Microsoft Dynamics AX Service Industries ERP solution, along with our vertical-specific extensions – Projects+.
    Our Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution for Advertising & Marketing Communications Agencies is designed to:
    • Enable complete visibility across your business
    • Streamline key job costing and time/expense management processes
    • Gain valuable insight into the performance of your clients, jobs, resources, and finances

    Read more

  • Features
    Designed specifically to meet the needs of project-driven businesses such as A/E/C firms, IT & Management Consulting firms, Advertising & Marketing Agencies, and CROs, our industry solution helps services businesses:
    • Connect financial, client, project, and resource related processes to eliminate redundant effort, improve accuracy, and increase productivity.
    • Maximize profitability by building accurate project estimates, maintaining tight controls around your projects, and optimizing resource utilization levels across your business.
    • Make informed, real-time business decisions by gaining insight into critical financial, client and project related information.
    • Quickly adopt pre-defined best business practices to drive efficiency levels and standardize key processes across your business.
    • Enhance collaboration and knowledge sharing across your business to improve communications and optimize the use of your intellectual capital.
    • Simplify your IT infrastructure by deploying your systems in the Microsoft cloud, or by leveraging familiar, industry-standard Microsoft technologies in your on-premise data center.

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  • Deployment Models
    The new Microsoft Dynamics AX offers unmatched flexibility to deploy the system in your on-premise data center, in the cloud, or in a hybrid model, all with a single unified code base.
    • Dynamics AX In the Cloud
    • Dynamics AX On-Premise
    • Dynamics LifeCycle Services and the Intelligent Cloud

    Read more

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