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Project Timesheets in the New Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP System

Microsoft Dynamics AX provides a number of great features to support the timely and accurate collection of your timesheets. This includes:

  • Automated ways to build your timesheets, such as copying a prior timesheet, creating a timesheet from favorites, or creating the timesheet based on your resource assignments. 
  • Project validations which can control which projects and tasks your employees can view and/or enter time against.
  • Timesheet validations which can incorporate rules such as minimum number of hours that must be entered, or requirements for adding internal and/or external comments for your timesheet lines. 
  • Flexible workflow processes for routing and approving timesheets based on configurable rules.
  • Missing timesheets queues and tools for tracking down late timesheets from your employees.

Watch this video to know improved functionality of timesheet in new Microsoft Dynamics AX.

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